Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, auto flower seeds | Autoflowering cannabis plants start flowering on their own within 2-4 weeks of germination. Classic varieties, both Indica and Sativa dominant, are photoperiodic plants. Therefore, they are traditionally exposed to 12 hours of light in order to induce flowering indoors but might not have enough time to finish outdoors before the days get shorter – unlike autoflowering strains.They are Indica or Sativa plants crossbred with a Ruderalis representative, making them the perfect choice for areas where summer is very short with few hours of daylight. Ruderalis finishes flowering automatically in less than 6 weeks.

Why choose auto flower seeds Life can be very busy & time is precious, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all the highs and flavours you expect from our regular and feminized strains. The high THC content, high yielding performance from our new auto flower seeds strains is amazing! If you don’t have the time; want a quick turnaround? Kick your feet up and let our amazing autoflowering feminised seeds do all the hard work.

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