marijuana seeds, Our status as one of the best online seed banks is a responsibility we take with pride. We aim to deliver the clearest, most concise and useful information for all levels of growing experience, from rookie to expert, to ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips to make the right choices for your crop and cannabis cultivation adventures. 2 main categories involve:

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

marijuana seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, auto flower seeds | Autoflowering cannabis plants start flowering on their own within 2-4 weeks of germination. Classic varieties, both Indica and Sativa dominant, are photoperiodic plants. Therefore, they are traditionally exposed to 12 hours of light in order to induce flowering indoors but might not have enough time to finish outdoors before the days get shorter – unlike autoflowering strains.They are Indica or Sativa plants crossbred with a Ruderalis representative, making them the perfect choice for areas where summer is very short with few hours of daylight. Ruderalis finishes flowering automatically in less than 6 weeks.

Why choose auto flower seeds Life can be very busy & time is precious, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all the highs and flavours you expect from our regular and feminized strains. The high THC content, high yielding performance from our new auto flower seeds strains is amazing! If you don’t have the time; want a quick turnaround? Kick your feet up and let our amazing autoflowering feminised seeds do all the hard work.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

marijuana seeds. feminized Cannabis seeds are certain to offer a desirable option for a lot of growers since it isn’t necessary to be concerned with the male plants ruining the work.

The feminized Cannabis seeds are created using the female plants which have received a special hormone treatment known as gigerell-acid.

An effect of using this hormone is that it is able to force the female plants to produce cannabis flowers of the male species from its pollen containing x-chromosome.

Once fertilized using this pollen the female plants is only likely to generate seeds which are 100-percent female.

This is certain to mean the resulting crop produced from the feminized seeds includes the familiar flowers with the THC layer of crystals.

A male cannabis seed is only able to make the pollen which is unable to generate the desired THC levels.


The tendency for feminized seeds to produce hermaphroditic cannabis plants has also been brought under control over the years. At least, if you insist on buying feminized, only buy from seed banks and retailers you can trust. Feminized marijuana seeds were once produced by deliberately stressing female plants into producing male flowers. This despite being effective in a sense also resulted in a tendency for hermaphroditic characteristics to be passed on in the seeds produced.


Contrary to what you may have heard, it is impossible to identify a feminized seed simply by looking at it. In fact, you won’t know for sure if your plants are female until they’ve been growing for some time. Hence, once again, the importance of buying them from a source you can trust. Female, male and hermaphrodite seeds are all identical in appearance. Any vendor or ‘expert’ who tries to tell you differently is leading you down a dangerous path.


When working exclusively with feminized pot seeds, whether autoflower seeds or medical, the whole process is far less labour-intensive. You immediately eliminate the requirement to watch for and take action against males in the mix. Which can be a huge challenge if cultivating at an advanced level with a large crop to keep an eye on. You also do not need to learn how to accurately sex your plants, or waste time and money on males. If you have limited grow space available, buying females from the start can help ensure none of it goes to waste.

What’s more, they have been coming down in price significantly over the years. This means that today, they’re no less affordable than some regular cannabis seeds. What’s more, pretty much every top-shelf strain and hybrid can now be purchased in this form. It’s just a case of ensuring that they can be germinated legally in your jurisdiction!

For obvious reasons, therefore, buying feminized comes highly recommended for beginners and more advanced growers alike. The cultivation process is exactly the same as with all other types of cannabis.  Meaning careful control of lighting, nutrition, water provision, stable temperatures and so on is mandatory. Nevertheless, feminized seeds eliminate the problems associated with unexpected and unwelcome male plants in the mix. For first-timers, this can be a great place to start.


Of course, some strains will always be far more demanding than others. Just because a batch of seeds is feminized, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy ride.  As such, it’s important to pair your personal preferences and expectations with your experience and capabilities. Be sure to choose quality strains you know you can handle, rather than taking the risk on som

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