Cannabis Infused Chocolate Products

Marijuana and chocolate, truly a match made in heaven. That’s why our  edibles are one of our most popular lines of cannabis products. You might choose the classic pot brownie to launch your next adventure. Or, if you’re taking cannabis for medicinal reasons, it’s easy to pack and travel with our selection of edible cookies.Moreover, Other folks might choose something even more yummy, such as our peanut butter cups. For the total chocolates connoisseur we, have pure pot and chocolates combined in the Cannabar. We also offer a hint of the exotic with our delicious Hazelnut Cups.


Besides, What are Cannabis Chocolates? Weed edibles have taken Canada by storm ever since their legalization. One popular marijuana treat is THC infused chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Add in some potent cannabinoids and the result is a bar of ganja goodness. At 420 delivery, we offer some of the highest quality THC chocolates in California. Come visit our shop and browse through our large inventory of cannabis edibles.

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